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Q1. Does the internal audit function adopt the International Standards for Professional Auditing, i.e. The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework (“IPPF”) and Code of Ethics?

Q2. Is the internal audit function independent and objective, i.e., the ability to make an unbiased judgement based on the internal audit activities and free from any internal or external interference?

Q3. Is your internal audit plan risk-based and aligned to your company’s overall strategies and objectives?

Q4. Is there an Audit Charter and clear terms of reference that defines the roles and responsibilities of internal audit in the organisation?

Q5. Is the IA Charter regularly reviewed and approved by the Audit Committee and the Board?

Q6. Is the Chief Audit Executive or equivalent a Certified Internal Auditor?

Q7. Are internal audit activities communicated to the relevant stakeholders, i.e., Audit Committee, senior management, and auditee?

Q8. Is there a monitoring or follow-up process to track and close internal audit issues?