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Job Advertisement Service


1. IIA Malaysia will only accept advertisement that:
     1.1 states membership of IIA Malaysia and/or CIA/CRMA/CCSA/CFSA/CGAP qualification as a requirement for the position.
     1.2 is related to vacancies in internal auditing, internal control, and risk management regardless of the position’s level.

2. IIA Malaysia reserves the right to:
     2.1 reject advertisements that of an inappropriate nature from potential advertisers.
     2.2 edit advertisements to comply with the Institute’s rules and regulations.
     2.3 review and change the advertising fee from time to time

3. Advertising fee for Website is RM500.00 per advertisement.

4. Advertisers are entitled to place one (1) advertisement at any one time, with a maximum
of three (3) job titles per advertisement.

5. While advertisement fee for our Keeping In Touch Newsletter (KIT) are as below:

Rates for Colour – ROB advertisement
  1 insertion 2 insertions
(5% discount)
3 insertions
(10% discount)
4 insertions
(20% discount)
Full page RM1,000* RM1,900* RM2,700* RM3,200*
Half page RM600* RM1,140* RM1,620* RM1,920*

*Exclusive Tax

6. Advertisement will be posted upon receipt of full payment of the advertising fee. No
refund will be made for cancellation made after the first upload of the advertisement in
the website.

7. Advertisement will be posted on the Institute’s website until the closing date of the
application, for a maximum period of one month.

8. The advertisement contract is effective from the posting date on the Institute’s website.
The advertisement will be automatically removed from the website once expired.

9. Acceptance of advertisement is solely at the discretion of IIA Malaysia.

10. Advertisers must give one (1) week notice in advance if they wish to renew the
advertising contract and continue with the same advertisement.

11. Once an advertisement is posted on the Institute’s website or KIT, potential job seekers
should apply directly to the advertiser. IIA Malaysia will not be held responsible for any
shortcoming in the vacancies announced.

12. IIA Malaysia does not guarantee success in finding the correct candidate for the
vacancies. The Institute’s website and KIT is only an alternative mode of announcing the

13. All advertisements will be accepted on a first come first served basis. IIA Malaysia
reserves the right to decline any advertisement at any time due to space constraint or any
other reasons.

14. While all efforts will be taken to ensure that the Institute’s website runs 24 hours a day,
no compensation will be made to advertiser due to interruption or downtime of our server
and website.

15. IIA Malaysia makes no representation or warranty, whether expressly or by implication
and neither is IIA Malaysia responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or expense
suffered or incurred by any advertiser arising out of the advertisement placed on the
Institute’s website.

16. IIA Malaysia reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without
prior notice. If there any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be
posted on this website immediately.