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Qualification In Internal Audit Leadership


Demonstrate your organizational, ethical, and internal audit leadership skills by obtaining the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership® (QIAL®), the premier designation for internal audit executives. The QIAL was developed by The IIA to support aspiring, new, and experienced Audit Executives(AEs) in helping to grow and change the internal audit profession. Internal audit today demands a new type of leader – one who drives a high performing audit team while delivering value by consistently addressing stakeholder needs, top-down risk, and expectations of an evolving marketplace.

Earning the QIAL proves you are among the next generation of innovative leaders with the ability to:

  • Drive a high performing audit team.
  • Deliver value by addressing stakeholder needs.
  • Navigate top-down risks.
  • Meet expectations of an evolving marketplace.
  • Provide internal audit and organizational leadership.
  • Bring ethical, innovative, and change leadership.
  • Increase earning potential by up to 51 percent.

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